Mind-Body Counseling Specialists

Mind-body counselling looks the connections between emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. The mind and body are connected in both directions - each effects the other:

  • The body can effect the mind - for example the horrible experience of sea-sickness
  • The mind can effect the body - for example the physical impacts of grief or stress

How therapy can help

Therapy helps with mind-body problems by working with clients to understand and untangle the two-way connection between mind and body. It is a safe space to talk about and explore what is happening so it can be made sense of. The goal is to reintegrate mind and body through compassionate insight and understanding.

Find a Therapist

Mind-Body Specialists

The following therapists have particular experience and interest in working with mind-body issues as well as serious and complex health conditions:

Brigitte Sistig HeadshotBrigitte Sistig

Newmarket / Remuera

Emma Harris PhotoEmma Harris

 Freemans Bay & New Lynn

Fadi Nasrallah's headshotFadi Nasrallah

Ponsonby, Mt Eden & Avondale

Megan Daubé headshotMegan Daubé