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Some of our hardworking team of registered professional therapists take time out to write these informative and insightful pieces on relationships, sex, parenting, grief, trauma, abuse, emotions, mental health, depression, anxiety, counselling & psychotherapy. 

Auckland Therapy is a group of psychotherapists offering counselling and psychotherapy services in Auckland. We offer therapy for a wide range of relational, psychological, emotional and behavioural issues. Our clients include individuals, couples, children, teens and their families.

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My clients are my heroes

Who comes to psychotherapy?Who comes to psychotherapy? Someone who can run no longer

by Nick Brown-Haysom 1 June 2019.

The 2nd dart

The second dart* : Psychological injury explainedPsychological injury explained A story of two injuries

by Nick Brown-Haysom 23 March 2019.

10 Things I hate about you

10 things I hate about you : Untangling reltaionship conflictUnderstanding relationship tangles Projective identification in relationships

by Bill Farrell 18 March 2019.

Top posts

Early Relational Trauma

The lasting wound Lingering impacts of childhood emotional, mental and physical abuseThe lasting wound Lingering impacts of childhood emotional, mental and physical abuse

by Andrea Bentley 1 August 2018.

Emotional abuse

emotional abuseA silent epidemic Invisible damage caused by invalidation in relationships

by John Bryant 7 June 2018.

Coping with invisible wounds

unrecognised traumaUnrecognised trauma The long shadow of abuse and neglect

by Paul Wilson 23 May 2018.

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