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Auckland Therapy is a group of psychotherapists offering counselling and psychotherapy services in Auckland. We offer therapy for a wide range of relational, psychological, emotional and behavioural issues. Our clients include individuals, couples, children, teens and their families.


Angry kids

angry boyWhat's going on? How to help

by Caroline Witten-Hannah, July 2018.

The taboo of shame

unrecognised traumaIs shame shutting you down ? Time for a emotional declutter!

by Paul Wilson July 2018.

Brief therapy

brief therapyHow to maximise use of time & money Set goals, focus & number of sessions

by Bill Farrell July 2018.

Adult attachment

adult attachment : when love hurtsWhen love hurts Is your love-life stuck on repeat?

by Andrea Bentley June 2018.

Emotional abuse

emotional abuseA silent epidemic Invisible damage caused by invalidation in relationships

by John Bryant June 2018.

Coping with invisible wounds

unrecognised traumaUnrecognised trauma The long shadow of abuse and neglect

by Paul Wilson May 2018.

Raising bounce-back kids

bounce back kids playingThe danger of mollycoddling Supporting independence and building resilience

by Caroline Witten-Hannah, May 2018.

Dissatisfied with your life?

the unconsciousIt's time to consult your unconscious And discover what's going on under the surface

by Bill Farrell May 2018.

Feeling too much?

feeling too muchAre you stuck on repeat? Ending the cycle of anxiety, depression or anger

by Paul Wilson April 2018.

EMDR Trauma Workshops

EMDR trauma treatmentEMDR trauma treatment : Recover from trauma by activating your natural healing processes

by Anna Drijver, April 2018.

Getting kids off the iPad

kids playing in mudOff the iPad Mud: A creative and healthy alternative to screen time for kids

by Caroline Witten-Hannah, March 2018.

Hating feeling bad?

bad emotionsWhy should I feel bad emotions ? The surprising role of 'bad' emotions in maintaining wellbeing

by Paul Wilson March 2018.

Back to school anxiety

Nervous systems on alertSchool anxiety is common after a break ?Practical tips for easing kids back into school

by Caroline Witten-Hannah, February 2018.


Exposure to negative news

Nervous systems on alertOn alert all the time ?Hakomi psychotherapy : nonviolence, mind-body holism and mindfulness

by Penny Kennett, December 2017.

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