Men's Counselling

This thing can hit anyone:
you don't have to be at the bottom of the social heap;
you don't have to be a battler struggling to make ends meet;
you don't have to come from a broken home or have had a nightmare childhood
John Kirwan

Impact of Stress on Men

In today's hectic society men can react quite differently to women when they are struggling. From an early age, many boys are taught to deny their feelings and value competitiveness, toughness and independence. Men are less likely to ask for help. They are more likely to suffer in silence while escaping into porn, computer games, risk taking, affairs or overworking - indeed anything that gives momentary relief yet often creating further problems. As a result many men:

  • Lose sight of their needs, desires and dreams and feel unable to communicate their frustrations
  • Find it difficult to talk about, name, understand or even recognise their feelings
  • Feel ashamed and insecure when they are struggling yet fear that disclosing difficulties will degrade them further
  • Struggle with relationship, anger, depression or sexual problems

For these reasons partners, family, mates, and even doctors and healthcare professionals can fail to recognise men's emotional, psychological or relational difficulties.

Come on guys - its time to talk.
Stop suffering in silence.

Our team work are experienced in working with issues including anger, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, sexual & porn issues, etc.

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