What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a therapeutic approach that notices the challenges a person is experiencing as information (symptoms) that tell us a lot about what is going on at a deeper level. This information is valued and it can show us the importance of giving attention to our inner experience.

Symptoms are not seen as bad or needing to be removed or cured. Rather as useful signposts to cooperating with what may be seeking to emerge in knowing ourselves and developing.

In slowly coming to understand ourselves through Psychosynthesis, we can learn to better understand and integrate not only our physical, emotional and mental experiences, but also our spiritual experiences and connections. Psychosynthesis includes all of these very human responses. Psychosynthesis counselling can be described as a personal experience of being and becoming.

Benefits of Psychosynthesis

Benefits of a Psychosynthesis approach in everyday life can lead to self-discovery, change and personal transformation in how we experience and know ourselves.

Often we can feel alone in this process, yet a Psychosynthesis therapist is skilled in making warm, practical support available as issues are identified and worked through and life transitions are navigated safely.

The dynamic process of Psychosynthesis means a person experiences having choices for themselves in an integrated strategy for greater health.

People will often experience being met in Psychosynthesis, rather than experiencing technique. This is useful when a person is being supported to explore "What's holding me back?", or "What's my experience of pain about?".