Jay Morriss's Photo

Jay Morris

Registered Psychotherapist; MNZAP;
MHSc Psychotherapy (Hons) (AUT);
Grad Dip Psych (AUT); BA (Otago)

Titirangi Wellness Centre, 511 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi
Email: jaymorris@fastmail.net Web: jaymorris.co.nz
Phone: 021 1227 011

Often the first step towards talking about a problem is the hardest one to take. We can easily be discouraged by our doubts and fears about speaking openly with someone we have never met before. It is a courageous step to make but a positive one towards making some real change in our lives. Psychotherapy can provide an opportunity to ask ourselves questions about the way we live our lives. It can also help individuals to examine patterns of behaviour, thinking and relating (to ourselves and others) that may be unconstructive and causing us emotional distress. Often such patterns have been formed in reaction to past experiences. However, having an awareness of these patterns and our motivations behind them, allows us to heal and move forward, promoting a greater sense of freedom and fulfilment in our lives. I provide a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment in which to explore, understand and resolve difficulties that are being faced.

Some of the issues I can help with are:

  • relationship problems, couples in crisis
  • depression, anxiety, anger problems, stress
  • work and career related issues
  • sexuality & gender identity issues
  • trauma and abuse
  • grief and loss
  • religious or spirituality issues

I am a psycho dynamically trained psychotherapist, which means that I view the relationship between the client and myself as central to our work and informs my understanding of the client and their presenting issues. I also seek to understand how individuals may be motivated by unconscious or emotional forces that at times seem beyond our control. I work with men, women, mixed genders, couples, families and adolescents.

I have worked in Central and South Auckland during the past five years and have obtained a broad experience of working with clients from many different races, ethnicities, sex and gender. I welcome your enquiry.