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Simon Banks

PBANZ certified, MBACP, Master of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Somatic Experience Practitioner (Intermediate level two), NVC Mediator.

Devonport & Online.

Email:, Phone: 021 189 7413, Web:

Welcome: I offer a safe, held and confidential space for you to come and bring whatever you like without judgement. Let us explore together what draws you to seek support and help you to find a fuller living experience. Having been trained as a psychotherapist, a yoga teacher, an NVC mediator and an intermediate trained Somatic Experience Practitioner. It is my belief that many different roads can be taken to get to the place we are all seeking: a place of fulfilment and ease. There are many different models of psychotherapy and counselling and I am trained in most of them and so we will find a way that can work for you.

Experience and specialisms: I specialise in depression, meaning-making challenges, eating disorders, relationship issues and couples work and yet a lot of people come with any number of struggles from stress and anxiety, trauma, illness, existential crisis, loss of identity, self esteem issues and self-defeating behaviours.

Approach and modalities: My approach is to meet you where you are at and to start by exploring what brings you to therapy. Usually we will look at your family of origin and your current relationships of all descriptions. We may even use the relationship that develops between us as a helpful example to examine how you are in relationship with others. I am especially keen to help you process and integrate previous traumas - this can be an event, a sustained experience over time or the very subtle yet impactful truth that many of us face - a lack of attunement with our nervous systems from our caregivers.

Client groups: Adults & couples. There is no one who is not welcome at my consulting rooms (either in person or online) - you will be accepted for whoever you are regardless of gender, race, religion, social standing or appearance.

Professional memberships: I am a Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ), and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists. I am also listed on the Somatic Experiencing Institution website directory.

Fee: I operate a sliding scale and we agree on a fee during a brief (20 minute) free consultation.

Location: Devonport and Online.