Helen Creagh headshot

Helen Creagh

Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ). Grad. Dip. Psychotherapy. MA(Hons).

295 Hobsonville Rd, Hobsonville, West Auckland (sharing with Hobsonville Chiropractic)

Email: helen@hobsonvillepsychotherapy.co.nz,
Phone: 021 542 798

Client Types : Adults (18+) & Couples

Psychotherapy Interests : I work with clients experiencing anxiety and depression, parenting and pregnancy challenges, concerns about relationships and sexuality, grief and loss, living with a life-limiting medical diagnosis, trauma and abuse (psychological, sexual, physical) or disruptive life change.

Specialisms : Through my work in hospice, I have developed skills in working closely with people experiencing grief and loss and living with life limiting diagnoses, including primary and metastatic cancers, as well as with terminal patients.

I also have particular experience counselling in the areas of relationships, sexuality and gender identity.

Psychotherapy Approach : People come to me for help with difficult situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Often this means they have symptoms of anxiety or depression, are facing a personal crisis or significant change. I bring kindness, pragmatism, experience, empathy and professionalism to my work. I offer both short and long-term psychotherapy and welcome people of all cultures, spiritualities, sexual and gender identities.

My training is in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, an approach based in a well-developed and complex theory of human development and interaction. In a nutshell, while we work together in the here and now, we will also try to understand ‘how you got here’.

Every client is different, and I will draw on a range of theories of psychotherapy to support our discussions. My work is relational and informed by attachment and object relations theories. I am interested in the ways existentialist practitioners have successfully worked with their clients, particularly around bereavement and loss.

Professional Memberships : I am a clinically trained, registered psychotherapist (PBANZ).

Location : 295 Hobsonville Rd (sharing with Hobsonville Chiropractic)

Fees : Individuals $125 including GST (for 55 minute session). Couples  $185 first session (90 minutes) and $135 for subsequent (55 minute sessions). Some funding may be available from WINZ if you are a student or beneficiary. Payment is by cash, cheque or internet banking.