Nick Brown-Haysom @ Auckland therapy counselling & psychotherapy

Nick Brown-Haysom

Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ).

1904 Great North Rd, Avondale, Auckland

Email:, Phone: 027 463 0208

NB: My practice is currently at capacity, and so I am unable to take new clients.

Covid-19 : The movement between various levels of isolation and lockdown will impact the ability to conduct face to face therapy. Online therapy is a proven method, providing many of my clients relief and connection, in which I now have considerable experience. Special attention to maintaining hygiene standards in my clinic is now a priority in a Covid-19 environment.

  • Level 1 : Face-to-face therapy and online therapy
  • Level 2 : Socially distanced and masked face-to-face therapy and online therapy
  • Levels 3 & 4 : Online therapy only

Why attend psychotherapy with Nick?

Psychological suffering or destructive behaviour when misunderstood and repeated can cause us, and others in relationship with us, heartache, frustration and despair and some of us reach a point where we wish things to change. Alongside this wish we often realise that this change is difficult to make by ourselves.

It is my training, my intent and my dedicated practice to take time to carefully understand your suffering in detail, whether it be a single current dilemma or longer term issues. I will help you discover in a non-judgemental, kind and private space, a more capable and content way for you to be in the world.

My approach:

I practice short and long term psychotherapy as per my Master of Psychotherapy training and work with clients to help them understand how their quality of life has evolved in relation to their unique backgrounds, relationships, circumstances and life events. I am curious as to why things are not going as well as they could be for you, and optimistic about how we can work together so they may change.

My approach is to listen, and to respect your individual needs and desires; warmth, genuine concern, trust, kind attendance and acceptance are the cornerstones of my practice as is a dedication to authentic and direct communication.

As outcomes of psychotherapy with me you can expect improved relationships, a more authentic confidence, increased capacity to deal with life’s ups and downs and greater understanding of and better tools to work with your anxieties.


I welcome people from all backgrounds and ages. I have particular experience and enthusiasm in working with males 18 plus struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges and what I have observed as “habitual inactivity”.

I also have experience and increasing expertise in working with those recovering from violent and sexual trauma.

Client Types :

Adults & older adolescents (18+)

Professional Memberships:

I am a clinically trained, registered psychotherapist (PBANZ) and member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP).


I work in 50-minute sessions and my fees are $140 per session paid via electronic banking or cash.


I work from:

1904 Great North Rd, Avondale, only 10-12 minutes from the central city in non-peak times.

Please call or make contact via email: 027 463 0208