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Appointments: Each psychotherapist handles their own bookings. To make an appointment or for further information you are warmly invited to contact any of our team for a chat.

Fees / Costs: Our therapists each have different fee structures. Please contact any of our team for further information.

Services: All of our team work with all general issues including anger, anxiety, depression, grief, relationships etc. Specialist services as indicated.

Experienced registered NZ therapists

Counselling & psychotherapy nationwide

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Alan Jones Headshot

Alan Jones

Adults, adolescents, children & families. All general services.

Alice Springford-Gough Photo

Alice Springford-Gough

Children, adolescents, & Families. All general services.

Andrea Bentley Headshot

Andrea Bentley

Adolescents, adults. All general services.

Andrew Kirby Headshot

Andrew Kirby

Adults. All general services. Also:  Sexuality & gender identity

Anna Drijver's Photo

Anna Drijver

Adolescents, adults, & couples. Also: Eating Disorders, EMDR, Sex & intimacy & Mind-body

Anna Fleming Photo

Anna Fleming

Adults. All general services. Also: Kaupapa Māori

Barbara Deane Photo

Barbara Deane

Adults & couples.

Bill Farrells Photo

Bill Farrell

Adults, couples & groups. Also: Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Blair Schulze  Photo

Blair Schulze

Adults & couples. Also: OCD

Craig Ciurlionis Photo

Craig Ciurlionis

Adults. All general services

Claire Stafford Photo

Claire Stafford

Adults. All general services. Also: Trauma, PTSD.

Coleen Emmens Photo

Colleen Emmens

Adults & couples. Also: Autism & Asperger's (children, teens, adults & couples)

Craig Ciurlionis Photo

Craig Ciurlionis

Adults. All general services

Daniel Harrison Photo

Daniel Harrison

Adults & couples. Also: ACC registered

Debbi Galloway Lyons Photo counselling Auckland

Debbi Galloway Lyons

Adults. Also: Trauma (including childhood, PTSD and CPTSD), Ecotherapy

Elizabeth Grayson

Elizabeth Grayson

Adults. Also: trauma, chronic illness, religious and spiritual issues.

Eveliina Salonpaa

Eveliina Salonpää

Adults. All general services.

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All of our team are registered with the

Auckland Therapy : PBANZ regsitered therapists