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An experienced team of professional registered therapists offering general counselling and specialist psychotherapy services for children, teens, adults, couples & families.

For relationships, anxiety, sex & sexuality, anger management, depression, addictions, abuse,  grief, panic attacks, OCD, phobias, pornography, personality disorders, self-esteem, etc.


Emotional abuse

emotional abuseA silent epidemic Invisible damage caused by invalidation in relationships

by John Bryant June 2018.

Coping with invisible wounds

unrecognised traumaUnrecognised trauma The long shadow of abuse and neglect

by Paul Wilson May 2018.

Raising bounce-back kids

bounce back kids playingThe danger of mollycoddling Supporting independence and building resilience

by Caroline Witten-Hannah, May 2018.

The unconscious

the unconsciousDissatisfied with your life? Maybe it's time to better know your true self

by Bill Farrell May 2018.