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Mt Eden - Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mt Eden

Coleen Emmens PhotoColleen Emmens

All general issues, Couples, Autism & Asperger's.

Jay Morris  PhotoJay Morris

All general issues, couples, grief & loss, adults & adolescents (16 and over), teen depression & anxiety, etc.

Rae-Marie Fenton's PhotoRae-Marie Fenton

All general services, anxiety and stress, depression, self esteem and relationship issues, mid-life crisis, grief and loss issues, etc.

Tomislav Skulic PhotoTomislav Skulic

All general issues, couples, adolescents, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, self-esteem, relationships, difficult life transitions, couples groups, etc.

Nicky Baigent PhotoNicky Baigent

All general issues, couples, trauma, migration, sexuality, sexuality, anger management, conflict etc., also expressive & Gestalt therapy for performance anxiety, communication, self-assertion etc.

Monique Nyemecz's PhotoMonique Nyemecz

All general issues, couples, anxiety, relationships, depression, workplace issues, anger, emotional issues, self-esteem, separation, etc.