What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis @ Auckland TherapyPsychosynthesis was developed by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli in the early 1900s. Assagioli was a friend of Carl Jung. It is a holistic approach to therapy that fosters self-awareness and self-knowledge which than can lead to making transformative psychological changes from which external or ‘outer’ changes follow.

How it works

Psychosynthesis is a useful and effective approach for a wide range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, grief, anger & relationship issues. It assists by examining our believes, conflicts and conditioning of whatever is keeping us stuck. This helps us gain understanding and dis-identify from the issues that distress us. In other words, it helps to create space around issues, even those that have bothered us for a long time, and subsequently make change.


It also aims towards integrating various aspects of one’s personality, including body, mind and feelings including the lows (which Carl Jung refers to as the shadow) and the highs (which he referred to as ‘spiritual’ or ‘transpersonal’ experience). As such therapy is a process of individuation. This is the process through which a person achieves a sense of individuality, separate from others, and integrates the experiences of life into a well-functioning whole.