Yep the world is pretty messed up and life can easily become overwhelming. Setbacks can easily turn into shame, confusion into despair, failure into depression, rejection into worthlessness, grief in hopelessness . You know the drill.

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They say that when divers reach the certain depth they can become confused, lose track of which way is up, and start swimming deeper instead of for the surface.

They say then when in quicksand the more you struggle the quicker you will sink.

I have heard that near the end people with hypothermia feel hot instead of cold, and start taking of layers of clothing.

And people lost in the bush sometimes panic and start blundering about in blind panic going around in circles, or curl up into a hopeless frozen ball.

Odd how whales restrand themselves after being rescued, and sheep have a habit of running straight back into the creek.

Perhaps these are useful metaphors for suicidality, where ordinary people find themselves in overwhelming situations then become disorientated, confused, frozen, panicked or lost within themselves.

How therapy can help

If you have become overwhelmed or lost in painful, dark or scary places within, where the final doorway seems like the only exit, then therapy can help you refind your bearings, a guide through the maze of your mind, and walk alongside you, for as long as you need.

Of course to road to recovery can be bumpy, especially if you were messed up along the way. However, therapy is a chance to sort whatever needs sorting and get life back on to a firmer footing.

Find a Therapist

Please note: In Auckland we are fortunate to have publicly funded specialist treatment programmes that offer an range of services not possible in private practice. If you are at high risk, your therapist can recommend treatment options to keep you safe until you find your feet. So depending on your wishes, your degree of risk, and the support you need, they may continue working with you or refer you to appropriate services.

For adults

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For children & teens

We also have an excellent specialist team of Child, adolescent and family therapists experienced in working with children and teenagers experiencing suicidal impulses.


If you or someone close to you is seriously unwell or at imminent risk of harming themselves or another please seek immediate medical attention, immediate advice from a telephone helpline such as Healthline (0800 611 116), immediate help from emergency services (111), or the new mental health emergency service (phone or txt) 1737.