Counselling for Self Development

personal development @ auckland therapy : counselling and psychotherapyAlthough we, as human beings, mature physically relatively early in life, psychological maturity is something that, for many of us, takes a lifetime to achieve. There is a natural drive in us to develop, grow or change parts of ourselves for the better though it may be dormant until it is activated.

Sometimes, our natural need for personal development can be awakened by, for example, a sense that something is ‘missing’ from our lives or that something doesn’t feel quite right within ourselves although, we may not know what exactly it is. At other times, personal development may be called for by more specific challenges and difficulties, which make us feel less able to cope with life, relationships, and responsibilities. In these situations, we may experience feeling ‘stuck’, ‘broken’, ‘inflexible’, ‘defensive’, or ‘withdrawn’, etc.

These challenges and difficulties in our present lives often provide helpful indications that some parts of us may not have developed as well as they could have. For nobody grows up in a perfect world — there is almost always too much or too little of something and this commonly results in skewing our development.

Psychotherapy and counselling provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can explore your challenges and difficulties as well as your hopes and dreams, and heal and foster the parts of you that were adversely affected. As psychotherapists, we are passionate about your personal development, as we know that it is essential to lead a more fulfilling life, which we all deserve.