Social anxiety

Is social anxiety keeping you hidden?

Everyone gets anxious

social phobia @ auckland therapy : counselling and psychotherapySocial anxiety (sometime called social phobia) is one of the most common forms of anxiety. Most of us feel anxious in circumstances like speaking in public, going to a party where we don't know many people, attending a job interview or on a first date. However, sometimes this anxiety is out of proportion to the situation.

Symptoms of social anxiety

The most common symptoms are fear of embarrassment, humiliation or being judged. Typically sufferers will worry they will say or do something that will cause others to see them as being weak, crazy, stupid or being watched.

Physical symptoms can include blushing, sweating and racing heart. This can cause knock-effects such as being lost for words, disorientation and dizziness. When severe, it may be accompanied by panic attacks.

Social anxiety often begins in childhood or adolescence, particularly with children who are already shy. If it is interfering with work, social activities, relationships or is just very distressing, it is worth seeking treatment.

Getting help

A trained professional will help you understand what's happening and manage the physical symptoms so you can get on with participating and enjoying life again. Your anxiety won't disappear overnight, but with perseverance you will gradually understand and tame the big emotions that are holding you back.