Child & Family Issues

Child, adolescent, teen & family services

child and family counselling @ auckland therapy : counselling & psychotherapyAuckland Therapy offers a variety of child, adolescent and family counselling services by experienced registered therapists. The team works with children, teens and youth (0-20 years) and their families to help with emotional distress as well as social and behavioural difficulties including anxiety, depression, grief, sexual abuse, trauma, self-harm, attachment difficulties, adoption / fostering issues, and more.

Postnatal depression

  • before or after birth
  • can have a big impact on all the family and on the babies development
  • most mothers find that counselling can help with their recovery
  • for both women and men - dads get the blues too

Parents with babies

  • difficulties adjusting to the arrival of a child
  • babies who cry a lot, have difficulty sleeping, or feeding difficulties
  • extra stressors - disability, premature birth, health issues, isolation etc

Parents with preschoolers

  • young children with difficult behaviours (e.g. anger or anxiety)
  • parenting issues such as separation anxiety

Primary school age children

  • learning issues (ADHD, Asperger's, autism, etc.)
  • bullying or being bullied
  • struggling to manage socially
  • behaviour problems

Younger teens

  • struggling to cope with their emotions (anxiety, anger, teen depression, self harm etc)
  • finding the challenges of growing up difficult
  • relationship and family difficulties
  • internet issues (cyber bullying, sexting, gaming, etc.)

Older teens & young adults

  • emotional issues (anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • behavioural issues (anger, self-harm, etc.)
  • sexuality & gender issues
  • internet issues (cyber bullying, sexting, video gaming, etc.)