About Psychotherapy

Origins of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy has a history that traces back to Freud. Psychotherapists are trained to understand deep patterns of thinking, feeling & relating. They appreciate the many ways that past difficulties may cause current emotional or relational distress. Essentially they help you make sense such knots and kinks and support you let go of unhelpful patterns and develop more satisfying ways of being.

Some people find this a bit scary yet contemporary psychotherapy is practiced in a warm, friendly, open and affirming way. Simply put you are invited to talk about whatever is foremost on your mind. This can be problems, confusions, anxieties, feelings, thoughts, memories, or dreams etc. The therapist listens and tries to help you make sense of whatever is happening.

Understanding psychotherapy

Some people find it reassuring to learn a little more about psychotherapy so the links below outline some of the central concepts of traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy.