About Us

Philosophy & Values

Our therapists are highly skilled, ethical health professionals. Each of us is passionate about making a difference to the psychological, emotional, relational, physical and spiritual lives of our clients. While our team have a variety of backgrounds we share some core beliefs and values about therapy:

  • Everyone is intrinsically worthy of respect and innately valuable with unique gifts, challenges and history;
  • Relatedness and connection are pivotal both to the process of therapy as well as attaining and maintaining well-being;
  • Self-understanding is fundamental to change and self-development.


As a profession, we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Indeed integrity, trust and respect are core values of our profession. Your confidentially is protected both under the HDCA (Health and Disability Commissioner Act) and under the code of ethics of the NZAP (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists). There are two exceptions to this.

  • As part of good professional practice therapists routinely discuss aspects of their work with their supervisors (also bound by the code of ethics and the act).
  • There is a legal duty to breach confidentiality if clients pose a serious danger to others or themselves.