Auckland Therapy Articles

Suppression of Emotions

Did you know that suppression of emotion can impair your immune system and impact on your health? Read Suppression of Emotions

Understanding your Changing Emotions

Did you know that psychotherapy has been shown to change brain functioning right down to the cellular level? Read Understanding your Changing Emotions

Getting the most from Couples Therapy

This article is designed to help you get the most benefit from couples therapy by explaining some of the underlying concepts and how you can prepare for productive sessions. Read Getting the most from Couples Therapy

Early Trauma & Dissociation

Dissociation can be a very distressing and bewildering condition with feelings of unreality, numbness, floating or internal fragmentation. It is often the result of early childhood trauma including premature birth, serious illness, neglect or abuse. Read Early Trauma & Dissociation

The Father’s Contribution to Infant Development

This paper focuses on the father’s contribution to the child’s development during infancy. It is an abridged version of a Master's dissertation. Read The Father’s Contribution to Infant Development.

‘Depression’: One disorder or many?

The article argues that depression is not a single disease but a cluster of syndromes. Consequently, these syndromes cannot and should not all be treated in the same way. Read ‘Depression’: One disorder or many?

Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

Neuroscience presents great challenges and opportunities for psychotherapy. This article proposes recommendations and avenues for practice. Read Neuroscience and Psychotherapy.

The Wounded Healer

Many people who work to help others do so because they were wounded in the past. How does this influence their work? Read The wounded healer.

Mindful Yoga for forensic inpatients

Mindful yoga as an adjunct treatment for forensic inpatients: a preliminary evaluation. This pilot study investigated the acceptability and effectiveness of an eight-week mindful yoga programme in improving psychological outcomes in 26 forensic inpatients. Read Mindful Yoga for forensic inpatients.

Mindful Yoga for psychosis

Journey back into body and soul – An exploration of mindful yoga with psychosis. Yoga is regarded in the West mainly as a physical activity. However, increasing evidence supports yoga’ s efficacy as an adjunct treatment for complex mental health issues. Read Mindful Yoga for psychosis.