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Steffi Richter

Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ), Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)

Location : Laingholm (Titirangi)
Phone : 021 023 94 288
Email :

NB: My practice is currently full, so I'm not accepting new clients right now.

Client Types : Adults (18+) for individual therapy.

Session Types : In person or online (due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would currently meet online and can begin to meet in person once it feels safe enough to do so.)

Languages : English, German

Welcome : Maybe you are here because you are struggling with something in your life, feel stuck, or overwhelmed with difficulties. Maybe you simply want to understand yourself better or to connect more deeply with others and with life. Whatever reason brought you here, you will find a gentle and accepting space with a genuine interest in who you are. I welcome adults of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, spiritualities, and sexual and gender identities.

Interests and Specialities : I have experience working with a variety of concerns including:

  • Depression
  • Loss and grief
  • Loneliness
  • Relationship issues
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Personal growth
  • Life transitions
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Abuse (psychological/emotional, sexual, physical)
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Anxiety and stress

I have years of experience in working closely with people experiencing loss and bereavement, people who live with life limiting diagnoses, and with people who are terminally ill. I have a special interest in existential concerns, like meaning and purpose, impactful life events, spiritual issues, and philosophical questions.

Psychotherapy Approach : We would work together as partners to explore the different layers of what you are struggling with. This includes your immediate experience and the bigger context, for example your history, any impactful experiences you had, and your way of being in relationship (your attachment style). It is important that you feel safe in this exploration, and we would do it at a pace and depth that feels right to you. Depending on your situation, we can work on a short-term or long-term basis. Longer-term psychotherapy allows for deeper and more comprehensive understanding and change. In shorter-term psychotherapy, we would focus more on one particular issue.

The idea that underlies psychotherapy is that much of our emotional and mental health has been shaped by our experiences throughout life, especially those from our early years when we were learning and developing the most. The impacts of these experiences have formed many patterns of the mind and often we are not very aware of them. When these patterns are unconscious, they can be difficult to change because it is hard to see and understand them. Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to become more aware of unconscious patterns that contribute to your difficulties in life. Awareness can then lead to deep and lasting change.

“Until you call the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
— Carl Jung

Professional Memberships : I am a clinically trained, and registered psychotherapist with PBANZ (The Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand), and a member of NZAP (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists).

Qualifications : Master of Psychotherapy – AUT University, Graduate Diploma Health Science (Psychotherapy) – AUT University

Fees : $130 (for a 50-minute session). WINZ assistance may be available, depending on your situation.

Contact Details : Mobile: 021 023 94 288 Email: