Families facing uncertainly

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Family frustrations

Uncertainty can be a major contributor to frustration

Covid-19 : Facing uncertaintyUncertainty is stressful

During our time of staying at home, and the constant interactions families have faced in the confines of their homes, frustration levels have inevitably risen. Now the uncertainty of this ‘new normal’ as we begin to return to work and school is likely to be fuelling further frustration.

A mixture of anxiety and anger

Frustration, often a mix of anxiety and anger) is what we feel when we are faced with obstacles to getting what we want or need. It is easy to see how uncertainty can be a major contributor to frustration. We’re not sure exactly what we can and can’t do safely despite all the information coming out about this (our need for safety and certainty for ourselves and our children is threatened).

Managing frustration

Therefore, there has never been a more important time to learn how to manage frustration, and the associated feelings of anger and anxiety. The following series of articles will aim to provide some understanding and ideas for managing living in a world with COVID-19 without either melting down or checking out.

A motivator for change

By learning to manage frustration more effectively it can be turned from a negative experience into a motivator for change. A manageable amount of frustration is a challenge to overcome. It can make us more creative, forcing us to think outside the square, and overcoming frustration can forge within us a sense of vitality and purpose.

Creating positive change

The grit and determination that is required to push through a frustrating experience strangely seems to create an energy burst that makes us feel more alive. Therefore, it is not just wishful thinking to think something useful can come from this experience. Over the next few weeks I hope to talk about some of the challenges and some of the ways these challenges can lead to positive changes. Please follow us on Facebook to read these.

Getting help

My focus is helping families and individuals find a way through difficult times. This may be a short term intervention of 1 to 4 appointments or longer. I am providing a mix of online and in person consultations and therapy for children, teenagers and adults.

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