Louise Player-Bishop @ Auckland therapy counselling & psychotherapy

Louise Player-Bishop

Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ)

Birkenhead, Parnell, and online
Phone: 0274 598 426
Email: lpbtherapy@orcon.net.nz
Website: lpbtherapy.co.nz

Building your internal anchor to achieve wellbeing.

Special Interests : I offer both short and longer-term therapy for all general issues including: stress, anxiety, depression, critical mind chatter, re-occurring and damaging patterns of behaviour, relationship difficulties, communication difficulties, difficulties in making decisions, feeling overwhelmed, and grief.

In addition to the above I have two specific core areas of interest:

I have expertise in working with people who are not comfortable in, or fluent with their emotions, and who prefer to work in the more familiar zones of logic, rationale and intellect.

I also specialise in how physical symptoms may relate to how you feel and vice versa. This approach is supported by the 21st century understanding of whole person healthcare, where life experiences, feelings and how different parts of your life may have impacted on your physical and mental health (see https://www.lpbtherapy.co.nz for the link to whole-person healthcare).

Approach : I use psychodynamic and CBT methods. These approaches are based on well proven research to bring about lasting change. In each session, I support the sharing of your thoughts and feelings in a space that is non-judgmental, comfortable and safe. Additionally, I am currently under supervision to train as a Havening Techniques® practitioner (see https://www.lpbtherapy.co.nz for the link to Havening Techniques®). Please enquire about this specific approach for trauma.

Background and Experience
After careers in business and teaching, I completed the Moativational Medicine course focussing on understanding how the body ‘expresses’ its emotions. Building on this perspective, I completed the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (University of Auckland) and the clinical psychotherapy training at AUT graduating with a Master in Psychotherapy (Hons). This training included a placement at the Immunology Department (Auckland Hospital) and three years in the AUT Clinic. I am now in private practice in Birkenhead and Parnell.

Online : Online therapy works well and I have experience in this medium.

Professional Memberships : I am a registered psychotherapist with PBANZ and a member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.

Qualifications : Master in Psychotherapy (Hons); Bachelor of Arts; Graduate Diploma Arts (Psychology) and a Graduate Diploma Health Science (Psychotherapy)

Cost : $150 (incl GST) per 50 minute session.

Enquiries are welcome : Email lpbtherapy@orcon.net.nz