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Louise Embleton Tudor

Registered Psychotherapist, Supervisor

Online sessions only
Phone: 027 2606174
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I see people from from diverse backgrounds and cultures, from the age of 20 with no upper age limit. My practice is LGBTQI+ friendly. I am committed to the articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. I have over thirty years of experience in public and private sectors of Aotearoa and the UK.

Some people arrive knowing that they need to make a committment to regular psychotherapy for some time as they are seeking fundamental change, or the resolution of very long-standing recurring issues; others want to address a problem, or maybe two, in an otherwise satisfying life, which generally takes less time.

You may expect any or all of the following, depending on your aim;
- to improve your relationships with others, and with yourself.
- to experience increased satisfaction and effectiveness in your life.
- to deepen your sense of purpose or meaning in your life.

We may focus on any of the following - past or current situations; experiences, events, or concerns which cannot easily be voiced in everyday life (or maybe even to yourself); living as well as possible with situations which cannot be changed. We will review things from time to time, in the light of your original aims.

I will respect your strengths whilst acknowledging, and helping you to address, your difficulties and vulnerabilities. I aim to understand your experiences in your particular social and cultural context, as everyone is different. I have a holistic approach, attending to the interconnected nature of mind, emotions, body and spirit, and drawing on a variety of well-evidenced information from neuroscience, developmental psychology and attachment theory. My philosophy is person-centred and I am informed by psychodymanic and humanistic psychology.

Client Types : Adults.

Issues Covered : All relationships and experiences, including those which are difficult to discuss or to verbalise; making change; managing what cannot be changed.

Supervision : I have been involved in the training of psychotherapists and counsellors for over twenty-five years in the UK, and then as a visiting contributor at AUT. I trained as a supervisor at metanoia in London. Influences on my perspective and approach include the work of Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot, Norman Kagan and Carl Rogers. I have published on the metaphor of a good midwife as good supervisor. My attitude is one of collegiality, mutual enquiry, respect and transparency. My aim is for your experience to be one of an optimal combination of support and challenge. I enjoy collaborating with both experienced and less experienced colleagues, and working with a variety of other health professionals to support best outcomes for clients, and for you, growth and professional development, according to your aims and ambitions.

Registrations : PBANZ, MNZAP, IACN certified Member

Qualifications : Diploma in Psychotherapy (Minster Centre, London).

Contact Details : For any enquiries or if you would like to book an appointment, you are welcome to contact me via phone on 027 2606174 or via email at