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Nicky Baigent

Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy (A.U.T. Auckland) BA HONS Drama and Expressive Arts (UK) Post Graduate Teaching Certificate in Drama and Art (UK) Early Childhood Teaching Certificate (NZ) Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ; full member NZAP)

Eden Therapy, 92 Owens Rd, Mt Eden.

Phone: 021 141 9311

I offer predominantly face to face sessions and also provide a few spaces for clients who prefer to have on line sessions.

Background & Experience

I enjoy working with a wide and diverse range of clients, people from all walks and stages of life. I also welcome psychotherapy students. Graduating in 2002, I have developed a particular interest and skill base in working with trauma, depression, grief, loss and problems with early attachment. I believe the relationship established between therapist and client is the most important foundation for enabling significant healing to occur. Building safety and trust so that both presenting problems and deeper, underlying issues can be explored and worked through, in a way which can be transformative.

I have a background in teaching drama, both in the U.K. and here. I have used it as a vehicle to help children in particular, to express their emotions, and work through distress. My training as a psychotherapist was born out of my interest in early attachment, and how our primary relationships when growing-up, can profoundly effect the way we feel about ourselves and influence the way we form relationships.

I work psychodynamically (looking at how the past impacts on the present), and sometimes incorporate expressive therapy when it is helpful. Expressive therapy includes art and gestalt therapy.

Skills and strengths

My skills and strengths include the following:

  • I have a wealth of experience working with trauma and abuse / grief and loss / estrangement and exile / adjustment issues and the problems associated with settling into a new country.
  • Difficulties with self assertion: helping clients build self confidence and self esteem. Exploring ways to express emotions and thoughts in ways which can be empowering and validating. This can have lasting effect in the workplace, or marriage, or relationship with a parent, friend or colleague.
  • Difficulties with communication: helping clients find NEW ways of being in relationship, both with themselves and people encountered in everyday life. New ways of being in the world: of being with friends or family who may have disappointed them, and let them down.
  • Difficulties with anger management and conflict.
  • Problems with sexuality including sexual orientation.

I look forward to your enquiry.