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Moira Josias

Masters of Health Science, Psychotherapy, Registered psychotherapist, ACC accredited

Albany, North Shore, Auckland
Phone: 021 480 959

NB: My practice is currently full, so unfortunately I am unable to take new clients at this time.

I am a registered psychotherapist and and have a masters degree in psychotherapy. I receive regular supervision and am committed to ongoing training and regularly attend workshops.

Depressed, anxious, problems in a relationship. These are some of the issues that people bring into therapy. As I see it, therapy needs to provide a non-judgmental, accepting and supportive space to work on the problems one faces. I strive to treat each person as an unique individual, helping them to direct the treatment that will move them beyond the problems that they are now facing to a life that is hopefully more fulfilling and less painful. It is my aim to help each individual to deal with the issues that are affecting them and causing them the emotional pain that has lead them to seek psychotherapy. I seek to truly listen to a person, to deal with them with respect and work with them as the unique individual that they are.

I work with adults experiencing depression or anxiety and difficulties in relationships. Too often the focus is exclusively on the symptoms and the underlying problems are ignored. In that situation, problems will resurface in a short time, as the causes for the difficulties have not been dealt with. In addition I have spent the last 10 years working with clients that experience more severe mental illness and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and/or psychoses, borderline and severe depression. Therefore I am familiar working in an interdisciplinary capacity alongside clinical teams and support workers.

I also work with sexual abuse and I am ACC accredited for sensitive claims.


$130 for a 50 minute individual session and $140 for couples. WINZ subsidies may also be accessible for sessions. A sliding scale of fees maybe negotiated.