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Colleen Emmens

MHSc Hons, Grad Dip Child Mental Health, Grad Dip Psychosocial Studies, Higher Dip Teaching, RDI Consultant

Room 4, 221A Dominion Rd.
NB The entrance is behind the Ralph's Cafe in Walter's Road.
Phone: (09) 8188 644 or (021) 0238 1691

Personal ASD experience

I came to working with Autism and Asperger's through having children and adults in our family born with this disorder. Autism is the extreme and ultimate loss of connection, and my studies in this field, alongside my studies in psychotherapy, have given me insight into how relationship develops from childhood, what can go wrong, and what didn’t happen in ASD. This provides a starting point for building relational capacity.

Professional ASD training

As well as my psychotherapy training, I have specialist ASD training in the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) programme. This is a modern intervention based on current research and knowledge of the neurology of this disorder, and in the developmental deficit that needs to be changed. (Current research at the famous Tavistok in the UK is showing RDI to be well ahead of any other ASD intervention programme).

My professional background

I am a graduate of AUT and have a MHSc Hons in psychotherapy. My earlier background was in teaching, and I came to psychotherapy with a desire and passion for understanding why so many of us struggle with issues such as relating and connecting effectively with others, or ourselves, or we have a belief system that interferes with our ability to be effective and happy in the world.  

ASD Services

I offer a range of services including

  • Diagnosis & assessment of autism & Asperger's disorders (child and adult)
  • Reports and recommendations for schooling (often needed to access education services and to help the school understand your child's needs)
  • Supporting parents & families
    • A few sessions with parents of children with ASD can help parents understand more about the disorder of ASD, and how to be with their child
  • Working with ASD children
  • Working with ASD adults
  • Working with couples where one has ASD

Location: Room 4, 221A Dominion Rd. NB The entrance is behind the Ralph's Cafe in Walter's Road.

Cost:   Regular sessions - individuals $100 (for 60 min session)
           Couples $120 or families (for 60 min session)
           Assessment report prices will depend on complexity - please contact Colleen to discuss

Partial funding may be available through WINZ if you are a student or beneficiary. Payment is by cash, cheque or online banking.

Phone:  (09) 8188 644 or (021) 0238 1691.  


I am also planning a support and educational group for parents of Asperger's and autistic children so please contact me if you would be interested in such a group.