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Claudia Gross

PBANZ, MNZAP, IARPP, BSANZ, M.Psychotherapy (Hons 1st), Grad Dip Psycho-Social Studies, PhD Anthropology, MA Philosophy & Ethnology

Location: 237 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden (City end)
Phone: 027 633 0221

Psychotherapy is a safe place amidst the struggles and difficulties of life. A place where you can catch up with yourself, take your time, and listen to yourself. Are life’s problems getting too much? Are you :

  • often upset or distressed but try to carry on?
  • feeling stuck in a repeating pattern?
  • struggling with conflicts at work or at home?
  • doing things that don’t feel right, but you don’t know how to change?

Speaking with another person about your experiences and the feelings that come up can make a lot of difference. Especially speaking with someone who is a skilled listener and helps you think about what you can’t think about.

I offer a confidential and secure professional relationship in which difficult experiences and emotions can be approached, faced, managed and further explored.

Psychotherapy for Adults : I help individuals to understand themselves, including their symptoms and suffering, and to find out how to lead a more authentic and fulfilling life. Therapy is like having someone in your corner who helps you face your troubles and opens up new perspectives.

Brief psychodynamic therapy is focused on a specific emotional problem, conflict or symptom, how to manage it and make some sense of it. In open-ended therapy we work together on understanding long-standing patterns of your life and your way of experiencing.

Specific problems and issues I can help with: depression, anxiety, grief and unresolved losses, difficulty adjusting to significant or abrupt life changes, immigration and exile, early emotional trauma and neglect, difficulty forming satisfactory relationships, psychosomatic symptoms and persistent pain, loss of meaning in life, work place issues.

Supervision : I offer individual supervision for people in the professional services, education and health, and to other psychotherapists.  It provides a space to reflect on yourself in relation to the organisation and environment that frame your work. It strengthens you as a practitioner, and enhances the safety and professionalism of the work you do. My background is in tertiary education, professional research and I also welcome academics and scientists for supportive supervision.

Balint Group Work : I am a practitioner of the Balint Group method of case work, developed for GPs, psychotherapists and other health practitioners. The Balint Group offers a non-judgmental and creative way of reflecting on challenging or difficult work. Please contact me for further details.

Who I am: I am an experienced psychotherapist trained mainly in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I work with people as whole persons - with their history, hopes, relationships, beliefs and conscious as well as unconscious processes. Your individual life history and past relationships are important because we can then begin to understand together your present life situation and your hopes for the future. I also draw on training in Dialectical Behaviour therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness.

I have extensive experience working with people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. Psychotherapy is my second profession after being a professional social anthropologist for many years. I worked and made a life in different European countries as well as in Papua New Guinea and India, before permanently settling in New Zealand nearly 20 years ago.

I welcome adult clients and couples from all walks of life and ages. A special interest is immigrants who are trying to make this country their home, and with first generation New Zealanders. With my professional research background I also specialise in working with professionals, academics, scientists and other creative people.

My main language is English, but I also speak a Swiss dialect, German, Melanesian Tok Pisin, and I have a good ear for French.

Memberships and Qualifications:

  • Registered Psychotherapist (Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand, PBANZ)
  • Full Member, New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)
  • International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP)
  • Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand (BSANZ)
  • MPsychotherapy (Honours First Class) AUT University Auckland
  • Graduate Diploma in Psycho-Social Studies, AUT University Auckland
  • PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Manchester, UK
  • MA in Philosophy and Ethnology, Free University Berlin

Location : My practice is at the CBD end of Mt Eden, at 237 Mt Eden Rd. There is free and time-limited parking available in a nearby reserve. The Mt Eden train station is a 5 minute walk away. Bus  stops for several routes are just a few steps away.

Hours : Monday to Friday. Some availability in the early evening.

Contact : Please contact me by phone or email to discuss a first meeting. Phone 027 633 0221 or Email