Shizuka Torii Photo

Shizuka Torii

MHSc Hons (psychotherapy), Grad Dip (PsychSoc), PhD (Ling),
BA Hons (Educ & Ling), Registered Psychotherapist

182 Lake Road, Northcote, North Shore, Auckland
Phone: 021 02333898

We all want to be happy. We all have the right to be happy. It may even be said that the purpose of our life is to seek happiness. And yet, life can often seem like a series of disillusionments. Pain seems inevitable...

Perhaps pain is a kind of opportunity. A kind of invitation? If we are willing to really look at the pain we feel, it not only makes it much more likely that we will overcome it, but also that we will grow.

Whether we like it or not, this seems to be what is asked of us as human beings. Get to the heart of why we feel the way we do, and we become more fully human. And let our desire to escape suffering lead us to think, create, and strive, thereby fulfilling our potential.

Just remember. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Psychotherapists are here to support you in the complex and mysterious process of life, or on the journey of your soul.

Shizuka offers: Psychotherapy and counselling for adolescents, adults & couples.

Location: Northcote Central, close to Northcote Shopping Centre and motorway (Onewa Rd, Akoranga Dr, or Northcote Rd), ample space for parking


Individual sessions:   $125 per session (50-60 minutes)
Couple sessions:       $135 per session (50-60 minutes)

Payment options: cash, cheque, or online banking

*Students and beneficiaries may be eligible for financial assistance from WINZ.

Enquiries welcome: Please feel free to call, text, or email for any enquires or bookings (see above for contact details). English and Japanese speaking.