Listing Inquiries

Auckland Listings

Auckland Therapy has been running since mid 2006 and has successful expanded to support a directory of 50 PBANZ psychotherapists offering counselling and psychotherapy. I use both my experience as a therapist and my IT experience to keep the website up-to-date and use Google AdWords advertising to ensure its long-term success. The team get the majority of their referrals though the website and maintains the viability of their private practices. To ensure success, I only accept new listing where:

  •  there is a reasonable certainly that the new listing will generate a worthwhile number of referrals
  •  the new listing will not unduly impact existing listings

 With 50 practitioners these is an increase behind-the-scenes effort and some help would be very welcome. If you have any IT, writing, social media, administrative or design skills (or even keen to learn) and would be willing to help behind-the-scenes please do contact me and we could talk about a free listing.

The directory is currently full in North, West & Central locations for general practices. However, there are a few gaps for South Auckland as well as specialist services. If you are PBANZ registered psychotherapist and offer services in any of the following areas please contact for listing costs and details:

  • Willing to help behind-the-scenes
  • South Auckland practice
  • ACC Physical Injury and Mental Trauma practitioner
  • Taha Maori or Pacifica practitioner
  • Sex therapist
  • Online services
  • Offer short courses in anger management, anxiety or depression
  • Other specialist practices or modalities that complement the existing team

Nationwide Listings

If you work outside of Auckland and are interested in developing a website or promoting your existing site please contact me to discuss further. Email